Deep Water Movie Review – An Oddly Paced Thriller Movie

Despite the rave surrounding the Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas starrer movie, Deep Water, things don’t seem to float in the right direction for the movie. The majority of the movie watchers and reviewers are contradicting it as an oddly paced thriller movie that binds in elements of erotica in the process. 

It will leave you biting your nails as you do when you place a risky bet on Bet20, hoping that it works out in your favor. 

The blend of indifference, open marriage and the ongoing struggles in the movie makes it difficult for the audience to keep up with the movie.

Instead of getting into the depths of infidelity, Deep Water paddles in the shallow, making it a choice that not many movie watchers are appreciating at all. 

The movie stars Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas in the lead in the characters of Melinda and Vic. Both of them play the role of a married couple who are not happy in the process. The storyline of the movie goes around with Melinda showcasing his distaste in the marriage she is in and proudly flaunting her infidelity to Vic.

However, the worst part of the show is the lack of retaliation on Vic’s part, especially showcasing equal distaste in the marriage from his side as well. While the audience is sitting in the theatre wondering why such an incompatible couple are still tied in the marriage, that’s when things start to unfurl one after the other.

Deep Water is a novel adaptation from Patricia Highsmith’s novel under the same name. However, the movie manages to capture every last essence of the novel and bring the most out of the experience. The co-dependent relationship binds in layers of masochism that lay bare as the movie progresses one scene after the other.

The movie is out on Amazon Prime Video, so if you have the subscription and don’t want to spare a few extra bucks for the theatre, we’d recommend that you go ahead. Directed by Adrian Lyne, the movie’s direction is definitely worth the hype. Despite the 20 years break, Lyne has made a good comeback with this one.

The plot twist in the movie later unfurls that it is Melinda’s conquests and infidelity that enhances the vitality of the relationship that she has with Vic. It improves the sexual encounters that she has with her husband.

But, the audience isn’t buying the plotline, especially with the lack of character development throughout the movie. So, paired with the half-baked scenes and the prominent toxicity of marriage showcased onscreen, we can’t emphasize if the movie was worth the wait.

Despite the pairing, Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas fail to shine through in the movie, especially because the scenes and the characters were hypersexualized beyond need. 

However, despite all of the downsides, Grace Jenkins as Trixie was a treat to watch in the movie. You will have some moments in the movie that leaves you in awe and every single moment is worth considering at that point.